Succession & inheritance
Support prior to and after inheritance  

A will that is well thought-out and legally secure saves effort, disputes and costs in the event of inheritance and gives you peace of mind during your lifetime. We offer advice on the drafting of your will, whether alone or with your spouse or partner. In a detailed preliminary conversation, we define your wishes and goals and subsequently draft a tailor-made will for you. After notarising the will, we deposit it at the competent local court and register it digitally in the central register of wills to ensure that it can be located and accessed in the event of death. In most cases, a notarised will is also sufficient proof of inheritance and saves the effort and cost of procuring a certificate of inheritance.

Ist der Erbfall bereits eingetreten, unterstützen wir Sie beIf you are the beneficiary of an inheritance, we will gladly assist you with the settlement of the estate. This includes the procurement of certificates of inheritance, land register corrections, communication with the probate court and the contractual settlement of a community of heirs.

  • Individual and joint wills
  • Contracts of inheritance 
  • Applications for certificates of inheritance
  • Renouncing an inheritance
  • Contracts for relinquishments of inheritance and statutory shares 
  • Settlement and distribution of inheritance Anticipated succession (gifts)

A sensible succession plan can also include gifts to take advantage of tax-free allowances. We advise you in cooperation with your tax advisor.


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