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We offer the full range of notarial services. In particular, we advise in private and commercial real estate law, including project developments, property development and portfolio transactions. In corporate law, we advise in corporate housekeeping matters, venture capital as well as mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. In addition, we are your partner for all matters relating to personal provisions, including family and inheritance law.

Our services

Real estate

Real estate law is one of our focal points. We offer notarial support for all private and commercial real estate matters.Whether a professional or private client, we are happy to assist you.


We provide services for the incorporation of your company, structural and capital measures, mergers and acquisitions.

Succession & inheritance 

We are the right contact for all matters relating to succession law, including the drafting of your individual will, matters of asset succession, the procurement of inheritance certificates and the settlement of estates.

Making provisions

We help you plan for illness, accidents and old age in your personal and business affairs before it is too late.

Marriage, partnership & family

Marriages and partnerships are diverse: whether you live together as a married or unmarried couple, or want to separate. We notarise the prenuptial agreement, the partnership contract or the amicable divorce settlement that is right for you.

Further services

German notaries provide a variety of other services, such as certifying signatures and documents or acting as escrow agents. If in doubt, please ask whether we can assist you.

Further information

Notarisation and certification

A notary’s key activity is notarisation (Beurkundung). This involves reading out the deed to all parties. The notary ascertains the parties’ intentions and explains the contents of the deed. Real estate purchase contracts or the incorporation of limited liability companies, for example, must be notarised.

When certifying (Beglaubigung), the notary only certifies that the signing person really is the person who claims to have signed (signature certification). The signature can be put under documents drafted by a notary or documents brought by the parties. When certifying a copy, for example of a certificate, the notary certifies that the content of the copy is identical to the original. 

Whether a mere signature certification or a notarisation is needed, is not always easy to determine. We are happy to assist you.

Notary fees

We are legally obliged to charge fees and expenses for our work in accordance with the German Statute on Court and Notarial Fees (Gerichts- und Notarkostengesetz, GNotKG).

The fee system is based on the value of the specific legal transaction. This is intended to enable everybody to make use of notarial services, regardless of the person’s financial situation. Thus, some services are charged with fees that do not even cover costs. This is compensated for by services with higher transaction values.

Our advice and drafting of documents are included in the notarisation fee, irrespective of the individual effort involved. Separate fees for advice or drafting only become due if notarisation has not taken place.

Some examples of calculations can be found on the website of the Bundesnotarkammer (German Federal Chamber of Notaries)Examples |


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